Price List

Target group


Price per year

1. Internationals

Family account

€ 0

2. Employers

Corporate account – volume  

€ 45 per account


Corporate account – fixed (> 50 international staff)

€ 2500

3. Public and private partners

Partner account – whitelabel

€ 5000

4. Service Providers


€ 300

5. All

Trendwatch reports

€ 495


Check-NL accounts

1. Service Providers – Membership

Local service providers pay an annual subscription fee of € 300,-

Multiple locations – discount
In case your organization includes multiple (>10) locations, a discounted rate applies.
Please contact the Check-NL organization for an intake and a customized proposal.

Quality check
A registration form is used to upload the company details. Check-NL will perform a check on the data. Upon approval, an invoice will be sent to the provider. Once the payment is received, the company profile is published on the website.

Providers have their own account, and owners of their data. They can access, view or update their profile at any time. For providers with multiple locations, a corporate account can be created. Enabling you to update the data of all locations under your label.

A membership will be automatically renewed on the 1st of January of the next year. Cancellation of a membership can be done by sending a witten notice prior to the 1st of December of the current year.

If you would like to register, please click here.

2. Private internationals – Family Account

The service of Check-NL can be used free of charge by internationals (considering) living and working in the Netherlands.

The information and search function can be used without registration. If you would like to to file your favourite provider(s) or provide your review on a local provider, we kindly ask you to register and login.

If you would like to register at Check-NL now, please click here.

3. Employers – Corporate Account

If your company or organization employs a considerable number of international staff, a corporate account on Check-NL might be very interesting.

Included in the price for a corporate account:

  • Providing a family account to (new) staff members and their partners is welcoming and will be perceived as a token of appreciation;
  • Check-NL promotes you as enabling employer by including your logo in the list of contributors on our site;
  • Research tool: use Check-NL to post poll’s about quality of life related topics amongst your staff; learn more about what makes their clock tick!
  • HR instrument: Check-NL supports your recruitment & retention efforts, facilitates your role in relocation of staff members and their families;
  • Content management: up to date info on rules & regulations;
  • Access to ICP network, research center and toolset.

Volume account (< 50 staff)
If you employ less than 50 international staff, we recommend the volume account ad € 45,- per account.

Fixed account (> 50 staff)
If you employ over 50 international staff we recommend the fixed priced corporate account ad € 2.500,- per year.

Check-NL in your own corporate environment
Check-NL functionality can be integrated in your own digital environment.
The page for login for users of corporate accounts will feature the logo of your organization.
If required, a fully white labeled version can be delivered. The Check-NL info, search, and rating functionalities included in your own intra- and/or internet! All possible upon request.

More info?
Would you like to learn more about the possibilities of a corporate account? We are happy to answer your questions or organize a personal intake. Please contact us:

Or if you would like to register yourself now, please click here.

4. Public & Private Partners – Partner Account

If you would like to extend your services portfolio with the Check-NL functionalities, we offer the partner account. Integrate the info-search-rating functionalities of Check-NL in your own digital environment.

Check-NL enables public private partnerships
A level playing field is guaranteed for service suppliers. All providers that comply with the international criteria are allowed to promote their services. There is no preferential treatment of any provider.

Check-NL adds to your services portfolio and creates a one stop shop: public and private services for (newly arrived) internationals at one location. Integrating both the formal ‘hard’ topics as well as the personal ‘soft’ topics relating to quality of life aspects, such as housing, childcare, healthcare, partner employability and much more.

If you would like to register, please click here.

More information

For further inquiries, please contact us: