You are a non-Dutch person working and living in the Netherlands for a certain period of time, or, you are considering to relocate to NL. You are here as either single (short stay), single-student, or head of household, together with partner (and possibly children).

You’re here with a mission

This website aims at helping you out with the obstacles along the way and hopes to make your stay in the Netherlands fulfilling and successful. Check-NL undertsands the importance of finding great housing, excellent childcare, a good doctor, inspiring life or career coach to guide you through life changing situations and agencies that believe in the added value of your partners’ skills and expertise.

Check-NL enables you to focus on the things that drive you most in life

Since 2009, the ICP voices the specific wishes regarding quality of life aspects of global citizens like yourself. This enables Dutch service providers to better fulfill your criteria.

Check-NL is yours!

Find the services you need by applying your personal criteria, share your feedback with the providers and contribute to creating an attractive environment for you and your fellow internationals.

The Check-NL community provides a social network of peers you can rely on. Impartial and non-commercial. Simple and efficient. Start searching!