Three features

Check-NL has three main features: 1. Info, 2. Search, 3. Peer reviews


1: Information

Check-NL provides information on how the Dutch system works and what you need to know to navigate your life in NL.

Every topic has a section with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s). In the answers you will find references to other sources with additional info. A lot of the information has been kindly provided by ACCESS, a partner of ICP, and a not-for-profit organisation supporting the international community in the Netherlands.

‘Formalities’ has been added as an additional topic in order to provide basic info and links to governmental services and regional expat desks.


2: Search

Over the past few years, ICP has built up extensive knowledge regarding the criteria of internationals on topics relating to ‘quality of life’: housing, childcare, healthcare, public transport, partner employability and much more.

Check-NL’s databases of Dutch service providers have been built up based on this ICP research and the criteria provided. The databases only include providers that are willing and able to service international customers. They are interested in the international customer group and have invested in meeting the specific requirements of this group in terms of language, availability, customer service concepts and more.

  • Check-NL enables internationals to search in these specialised databases for providers that meet their personal wishes.
  • Check-NL enables providers to exhibit their services.


3: Rate & Review

Check-NL aims at making life in the Netherlands easier for you.

Improving services:

  • You can contribute to improving the quality of life by providing your personal feedback on the services you made use of. With your feedback, you will help the business develop and meet more of your expectations.
  • Finding providers that meet your expectations may be challenging in a country that differs from the environment you’re used to. Without trusted points of reference it’s hard to make decisions. Check-nl provides you with ratings and reviews of these services by your fellow internationals.
  • Find reviews about language, availability and customer service.


What’s in it for you?

  • Internationals lose less time in searching for information and services. In home related matters, Check-NL helps them find the providers that really respond to their wishes and needs;
  • Employers witness staff and partners who are more satisfied with their quality of life and are hence more productive. This contributes to the recruitment and retention efforts in the war for talent;
  • Local service providers profit from the marketing and sales support. The portal provides access to the international customer group in an efficient and effective way;
  • (Local) government invests a lot in acquiring and retaining foreign investors. Check-NL increases the return on investment by optimizing the quality of life for the international staff and their families;
  • Private partners such as peer organizations and sector boards profit from the additional services for internationals they can add to their original profile.