Recruitment and retention of staff is a challenging task. In some fields even more so than others, competition on the labor market is fierce. On top of that, the current economic climate requires cost containment measures.

Do it yourself where possible, request the help of the employer when required

Minimize distraction to increase productivity.

In relocating staff and their families, a lot of things – more and less formal – need to be arranged for. An increasing number of staff tends towards self support in this process. Employers favour this development and invest in tools and initiatives that support this.

Consider providing your international staff with family accounts – for partners as well!

Check-NL enables HR department to outsource part of its task whilst, at the same time, keeping the quality of service regarding the ‘soft’ topics at the same level. Provide your international staff with a family account and profit from a number of benefits.


  • Feature as an enabling employer in the list of initiating partners;
  • Receive a strong HR instrument: strengthens recruitment and retention efforts – increases productivity as less time is spent on home related matters – always up to date info;
  • Check-NL collects data – upon request (eg. via polls);
  • Access to ICP: network and research center

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