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CJS Career Consulting / Career in Your Suitcase
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Career coaching

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Dutch, English
Type of coaching
Workshop & lectures, Individual coaching
Topic of coaching
CV check, Writing CV, Interview skills, Personality tests, Portable Career, Accompanying partners, Career planning, Career navigation, Career in Your Suitcase Way program


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3 - 5 days
Support available out of office hours
Online support available

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% international clients
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Career in Your Suitcase: http://careerinyoursuitcase.com/


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Website, Social media, Email alerts, Answering machine
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Dutch, English

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Reviews about CJS Career Consulting / Career in Your Suitcase

It was a pleasure to work with Colleen. She helped to greatly improve my CV and interviewing skills. After working with her, I quickly was able to find my next position. Colleen was extremely knowledgeable, patient and fun to work with. I would strongly recommend her to anyone!

I first met Colleen attending a talk she was giving at an International School. I was inspired by the event and signed up for the online CIYS course. It was a good move. I began the course feeling I was at a crossroads deciding what step to take next in my career. Over the duration of the course I began to feel more confident about assessing my skills and values. An approach I had not done before in career counselling. The result has been I feel much more confident in deciding what to do next. I have also made valuable contacts and am looking forward to continuing on the CIYS journey.

It has been a real treat working with Colleen in the past few months.
She very skilfully helped me feel more confident and to streamline an effective work search strategy.
I would not be able to achieve the same results without her.

Thanks to Colleen’s dedication and expertise, we were able to make my CV and covering letter amazing! Colleen’s skills and expertise in career counselling combined with her positive and energetic attitude made it an absolute pleasure to work with her.