Intiated by ICP

Check-NL is an initiative of the International Community Platform (ICP). The ICP is an employers’ platform and privately funded foundation established in 2009. It currently consists of 25 members.

The international employers joined forces with the mission to “improve the working and living environment for our international staff and families and thereby, the investment climate for our organisations”.

The focus is on the West-Holland region though all results are spread publicly, nation-wide. For more info: www.icplatform.nl

Quality of Life alignment

Alignment CircleICP articulates the internationals’ needs with regards to quality of life aspects and invites (local) government and service providers to respond to these. Topics covered are housing, childcare, education, healthcare, public transport, partner employability and more.

Research amongst the members’ staff and family shows the major gaps regarding these topics and provides a solid basis for pragmatic solutions to be defined. These are shared with Dutch government and the private sector. Joint efforts in implementation are ensured due to common interests.

For regular updates read our blog.

Check- NL enables your professional life

Check-NL makes your (future) life in NL easier and rewarding by:

– Providing 3:1 support: info – search – peer reviews

– Facilitating direct access to government and private sector information and services

– Helping you find info and services that meet your expectations

– Ensuring continuous improvement and updates of these services

Spend less time searching & find the providers that meet your expatations!